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    Jordan was called to the Taichung Taiwan mission in October 2013. She entered the Missionary Training Center on February 5, 2014 and will serve in Taiwan until July 2015. Here is more information about Taiwan and the area where Jordan serves.

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  • My Testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ

    I'm so grateful we have a Heavenly Father. I'm so grateful He loves us enough to send His son Jesus Christ to earth to atone for us. I know that through Him, we will be able to return to live with our Heavenly Father. I know that we are all so important to Him. He really does love and care for us.

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    I love going to the temple. I feel so lucky to be able to go every week while I'm here in the MTC. The temple is literally the house of the Lord and I always feel the Spirit so strongly when I go! I love it.

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October 20, 2014

On Wednesday, we went to the Taipei temple!!

This week was so amazing! The members in PuLi are so good to us missionaries. We spent a lot of time this week working with members, and I learned a lot. Every day was full of so many miracles and challenges and blessings. I love this time I have here serving in PuLi! It's been so amazing.

This Tuesday, we met with Jannie, our really progressing investigator! She lived in South Africa for over ten years, so her English is almost perfect. We shared with her the word of wisdom and she was so excited about it! In past lessons, we have mentioned concerns she had about the word of wisdom, just answering questions that came up, but we hadn't explained everything about the word of wisdom until this week. We taught her why the Word of Wisdom is important and exactly what it includes. We then had her read the promised blessings found in the pamphlet we use, and she was so happy about it! Sister Rohlfing and I were a little nervous about how she would respond to our commitment to keep the Word of Wisdom, but Jannie has really been prepared by the Lord. She told us that we are actually an answer to her prayers. She had a small understanding about the Word of Wisdom, but she wanted to know why it was important, so she prayed to find answers. The doctrine and promised blessings of the Word of Wisdom answered her prayers, and she was so excited, she even did a little dance and she expressed how much this meant to her. It's so amazing to watch her learn and absorb the gospel!

On Wednesday, we went to the Taipei temple!! But PuLi is too far away from where all the missionaries were meeting, we spent the night with other sisters so we could make it. No buses run early enough in the morning, so we took a bus to the TaiZhong train station, and then rode another bus to the mission office. There, we met sisters who live really close to the mission office and stayed the night with them. One of the Sisters, Sister Murdock, is being trained right now. The two of us talked for a long time, and I tried to encourage her. Training is a hard time for every missionary. But she's so amazing! I shared with her a quote that has really helped me on my mission, but Richard G. Scott. "Your life will be easier when you accept that what God does in yourl ife is for your eternal good."

The temple was so amazing! I'll send pictures. I'm SO grateful we were able to go! Missionaries often don't get to go who are serving in PuLi because it's so far away.

This week, one of our recent converts invited us four missionaries to dinner at her house. Elder Washburn, Elder Otte, Sister Rohlfing, and I. Sister Rohlfing had been to her house once, and it was pretty far away. We all followed her up into the mountains. It was SO pretty. We had dinner with her huge family. Us missionaries tried to talk as much as we could, but they kept just speaking to each other in Taiwanese. It was such a funny experience. After dinner, the Amma showed us family pictures, and we shared the plan of salvation. We would say a sentence in Mandarin, and our recent convert, Wu JM, would translate it into Taiwanese, so the Amma could understand. As we testified of eternal families, the Amma smiled and asked if there was something that wonderful.

We had dinner with one of the members in our ward. She made us her famous sweet and sour pork and wanton and I cried a little bit as she shared with us her story. It was a really sweet experience. Her son is probably in his 30s now. The two of them live together in a home in the middle of town. Half of his body is paralyzed and he looks very handicapped. Huang JM told us about how when her son was a baby, a family member gave him a sip of alcohol to drink as a joke. Immediately after drinking it, her son started having a seizure. At that time, there were no hospitals nearby, so they traveled as fast as they could to a clinic. But once they got there, it was too late, and her son had severe brain damage. She then shared with us her conversion story, and bore and beautiful testimony of how the gospel has brought the hope and light that she really needed in her life.

Something that has come to mind over and over this week is Moses 6:56, that says "they are agents unto themselves." One of the biggest blessings that Heavenly Father has given us is our ability to choose, our agency. We are agents unto ourselves, meaning that we are the ones who decide how we will use this gift God has entrusted us with. We can either choose good or evil. It's up to us. I love having a vision for my mission, with goals and plans to help me accomplish what I want to do while I'm here serving the Lord. I hope as we look to the future, we can remember and feel Heavenly Father's desire to live with us again. I hope that each day we can take the steps necessary for us to return to live with Him. Heavenly Father is the one who will judge us at the last day, but it is our choice TODAY what we will do to prepare ourselves for that day.

I love you all so much! Keep working hard, keep improving, keep holding the faith. The Church is TRUE!

Sister Berrey

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