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    Jordan was called to the Taichung Taiwan mission in October 2013. She entered the Missionary Training Center on February 5, 2014 and will serve in Taiwan until July 2015. Here is more information about Taiwan and the area where Jordan serves.

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  • My Testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ

    I'm so grateful we have a Heavenly Father. I'm so grateful He loves us enough to send His son Jesus Christ to earth to atone for us. I know that through Him, we will be able to return to live with our Heavenly Father. I know that we are all so important to Him. He really does love and care for us.

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    I love going to the temple. I feel so lucky to be able to go every week while I'm here in the MTC. The temple is literally the house of the Lord and I always feel the Spirit so strongly when I go! I love it.

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October 6, 2014

I am in LOVE with PuLi! The people here are super friendly and generous.

This week was SO crazy. We saw miracles, helped our members, found new investigators, had an amazing experience with the Mission President, and got to go to a really famous tourist sight here in PuLi!

I am in LOVE with PuLi! The people here are super friendly and generous. One of the biggest challenges for me is being in a new place and not knowing my way around. PuLi has really confusing roads that go in every direction. We had to stop and ask for directions at least once every day. Three days in a row, we were lost and had to ask for directions. We would stop and ask someone how to get to an address, and they would just hop on their motorcycles and take us where we wanted to go. I really love this area! AND I love my companion! So so so much. We have so much companionship unity - in the way we teach, the way we contact, the way we work together to help our area. I love working with Sister Rohlfing, and she's teaching me a LOT.

So PuLi has a branch right now. There are usually about 30 people who come to church. But they have the most BEAUTIFUL chapel I have ever gone to! I was so impressed. They have a goal to become a ward within the next one or two years. SO we have been working super super hard every day. We've been setting goals, planning activities, helping members, teaching lessons, doing everything we can to make it so that PuLi can become a ward. I know this is super important to all the members, and it really is possible, but it requires all our best effort. This is the work of salvation. This is the Lord's kingdom that we are building! It requires all that we have. I'm so so so grateful I have this year and a half to give everything I have to Him. It's the most incredible experience ever. It's something I can't put into words. I'm happy and I love the work that I'm doing. It's the Lord's work.

Some moments that I loved this week:

Stopped and talked with a girl who was crying. Testified of Christ, and promised her purpose and direction.

Met our branch mission leader for the first time - he is very handicapped, but he is more full of the Spirit than anyone I've ever met. As he encouraged and helped us, I just felt like crying because everything he said was so powerful.

Our investigator who understands things only very very slowly said her first prayer on her own. She also showed us pages of Bible scriptures that she has copied down. She said that when she feels upset, she copies down scriptures and it helps her. We asked her about church, and she told us that singing the hymns helps her heart feel better.

When an english student opened up in english class about her families, and I was able to testify of the plan of salvation and that Heavenly Father really has specifically given us everyone in our families.

The branch president's wife talked to us about the challenges and concerns she has for PuLi, helping Sister Rohlfing be able to work both harder and smarter in this area.

When we went over to take a cake to a YW on her birthday. We found her crying because no one had remembered her birthday, and she was overwhelmed with homework. We comforted her and read a few scriptures together.

Was asked by a girl in 7-11 if I would buy cigarettes for her. I told her I couldn't, because I knew that they weren't good for her. I testified of the word of wisdom and that God wants us to protect our bodies, and she completely agreed with me. She expressed how she really hates smoking, but she's just so used to it.

Our 13-year-old investigator accepted a baptismal date! Easiest baptismal invitation I've ever given. She's super excited about it!

Sister Rohlfing got lost and so we pulled over and said a prayer. As soon as we opened our eyes, a member road past on his bike, and helped us find our way.

One of our investigators was finally was able to come to church!! The sisters have been meeting with her for several weeks, but she has always been too busy for church. She had a really great experience. We were so happy!

One of the recent converts in our ward brought his friend to church and told us about how she feels like she found answers while attending church for the first time.

A member visited our branch and came and talk to me and told me that she used to go to college in Boston!

We contacted a mom on the street, and soon found out she used to meet with missionaries. She was really excited to run into us, and we were even able to say a prayer with her. Her little four year old son said thank you after I finished saying the prayer.

I love how every day is full of unexpected opportunities to share my testimony and help others come unto Christ. We are doing all that we can as representatives of Jesus Christ.

I think my favorite part of this week was when we were able to teach one of our investigators with President and Sister Blickenstaff! They came to our branch for church yesterday. After meetings, they asked if they could go teach with us. We set up an appointment with one of investigators. Sister Rohlfing and I rode our bikes over to her house, and President and Sister Blickenstaff met us there. We stood outside her house, explained what we would be sharing, and said a prayer together. The four of us met with our investigator. She opened up a lot about experiences that she has been holding onto. We read scriptures with her, testified, and really just taught to her needs. The lesson went in a very different direction than we were expecting, so we had to put our plans aside and rely on the Spirit. It was an amazing experience to watch our Mission President and his wife teach. After the lesson, we were able to talk with President and Sister Blickenstaff in a parking lot. We stood and discussed the lesson, gave feedback and advice. I learned a lot from that experience. Specifically the importance of remembering to teach people, not lessons. As missionaries, we are not reciting all this doctrine that people have to accept and conform to. This is the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is something that helps and improves lifestyles. Everyone has their own different challenges, and what is so amazing about the gospel is that it really is for everyone. It is a personal things, something that can help us with our life challenges.

I love this gospel. I know that it is true. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior. I know that He loves us so much. That is why I'm here! He has sacrificed so much for me, I want to sacrifice something for Him. But honestly, this mission is not really a sacrifice for me at all. It's more of a blessing than anything. I'm still trying to come to terms with that. I love my Savior and I love you all! Stay close to your Heavenly Father, and everything will work together.

Sister Berrey

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