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    Jordan was called to the Taichung Taiwan mission in October 2013. She entered the Missionary Training Center on February 5, 2014 and will serve in Taiwan until July 2015. Here is more information about Taiwan and the area where Jordan serves.

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  • My Testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ

    I'm so grateful we have a Heavenly Father. I'm so grateful He loves us enough to send His son Jesus Christ to earth to atone for us. I know that through Him, we will be able to return to live with our Heavenly Father. I know that we are all so important to Him. He really does love and care for us.

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    I love going to the temple. I feel so lucky to be able to go every week while I'm here in the MTC. The temple is literally the house of the Lord and I always feel the Spirit so strongly when I go! I love it.

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September 22, 2014

I was struck this week by two words: "completely devoted."

I think the biggest lesson I have learned this week is just how important this work is! We had Zone Conference on Tuesday. I learned a lot about how I can become a better missionary, but I think the biggest thing that I learned is just that Heavenly Father really is helping us do this work.

I love Moses 1:39 "For behold, this is my work and my glory - to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man."

Everything that the Lord is doing, everything He's doing is for us, His children. It is His purpose and His hope that each of His children can return to Him and receive eternal life. Only through this gospel are these things able to be brought to pass. Heavenly Father has entrusted us missionaries with this great responsibility to help in His work.

As I studied the gospel this week, I was struck by two words: "completely devoted". Am I completely devoted to this work? Are we each completely devoted? If we are devoted, what does that mean? What difference does it make? I am trying to become more completely devoted to this work. I think what that means is that I will do everything I can to build up the Lord's kingdom. Everything I can to help the Lord's children who He has trusted me with. I think if I am completely devoted, that means that everything I do should be helping with this work, with His work and glory. I hope we can each think about what "completely devoted" means to us individually.

I know that Heavenly Father is completely devoted to His work and His glory. The gospel is spreading throughout the world, why? Because Heavenly Father is bringing to pass the promises that He has made. Doctrine and Covenants 88:73 says "Behold, I will hasten? my work in its time." This is its time. Today is the day. What are we doing to help in this work? He needs both missionaries and members to be completely devoted to helping Him build His kingdom. He is counting on me, and He is counting on me. It's so important!

It's not something that should be taken lightly or just thought about at church once a week. We should constantly be striving to see missionary experiences in our lives. We should consistly be looking for those who need the light of the gospel in their lives.

I'm so grateful for all of you. I think one of the greatest ways to be a missionary, to help others see the gospel is by our example. Make sure you are completely devoted to your standards, completely devoted to standing for truth and righteousness. We are all representatives of Jesus Christ, whether we wear a name tag or not. What we are doing and who we are is so important. Become the best you can be and help others do the same!

This week I was able to attend a baptism for the FengJia ward. The elders asked us to sing in the program. Her friend invited her to come to church one Sunday, and she liked it! She started meeting with the missionaries and was baptized only about a month later. As we stood on the stand to sing Love At Home, I looked at her and just saw her radiating with happiness. I saw tears fall as she felt the Spirit that filled the room. As we watched her baptized, I was just struck by the power and magnificence of this work. One of God's precious children given the chance to covenant with Heavenly Father and make the steps necessary to have the immortality and eternal life.

As Sister Pang and I taught a lesson about the plan of salvation, I felt the Spirit so strongly as the member helping us testified of the truthfulness of the plan. She expressed her desire to go to gao rong guo du! (the Celestial Kingdom). The plan of salvation gives us the map and perspective that we need in order to make every step necessary to one day return to our Heavenly Father. As we sanctify ourselves and keep this vision in mind, we can become better instruments for the Lord to bring about His purposes.

We taught an eight year old recent convert and her friend this week about repentance. As we did an object lesson with her, she got really excited and wanted to repent! She recognized that repentance is what brings us closer to Heavenly Father. As we recognize our faults and change, we become more like our Savior. We become better representatives of Jesus Christ. We become more devoted to the covenants we have made with Heavenly Father.

An investigator recognized that the things we are teaching are really felt with the heart. As we taught with the Spirit and to her needs, the Spirit was able to help her understand that this gospel is something that is understood by the heart. It goes beyond anything physical or temporary. It changes hearts and brings us to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The missionaries in our district were invited by a member to sing at an art exhibit. As we sang, I was touched by the Spirit testifying of this work that we are doing. We were representing the Savior, giving these people an opportunity to recognize the truth of what we were singing. We were surrounded by really expensive art peices, and the audience was all dress in high class clothing. The building was beautiful and elegant. The people seemed to have a sense of prestige and class. I felt under dressed wearing a suit. But as we sang and I looked at these people, I was reminded of the most basic principle: we are all children of God. No matter what our background, what type of life we are living, where we are in the world, we are each a child of God. He is bringing to pass His purposes in each of our lives.

As we were told by many investigators this week that they can no longer meet with us, I was reminded that everything that happens is part of His plan. Everything is part of this work to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of each of Heavenly Father's children.

I think this week helped me refocus my efforts. I learned this week that Heavenly Father does not take this work lightly. He is very serious about the eternal salvation of His children. We should be doing all we can to help Him in this work. No effort is ever wasted, and no person is ever forgotten by our Heavenly Father. I'm so grateful for this huge learning experience that is my mission. I'm working as hard as I can every day. I'm trying to become all that the Lord expects me to become, and I know that I am doing what the Lord needs me to do. This is His work and His glory. It's such a blessing to be a part of it!

I just hope we all understand how important it is. This is eternal life. This is the work of Heavenly Father, the creator of the universe. He expects us to be bold, valiant, brave, and completely devoted. He loves us more than we can imagine. I testify that He lives. He is in every part of our lives. He has commanded us to pray to Him, to rely on Him, to ask Him for that which we need. I know that through Him all things are possible.

I love you all! Sister Berrey

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